Wednesday, 14 June 2017

76% of Ransomware Attacks Strike Via Email

Email remains the No. 1 threat vector for businesses, with a full 76% of ransomware attacks starting with a malicious message. According to a survey from Barracuda, phishing—and particularly spear phishing—has become a lucrative art. The attackers also do not discriminate based on company size. Email remains one of the most widely used business communications tools, as well as one of the most commonly targeted threat vectors. “Whether you are a mid-sized business with limited staff and resources, or a 10,000-employee organization with a dedicated security team and budget—we are all feeling the impact of these attacks,” said Hatem Naguib, senior vice president and general manager for the security business at Barracuda. He noted that criminals are taking the time to personalize the messages, crafting them to be compelling and convincing.

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ORIGINAL SOURCE: Infosecurity Magazine

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