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Timely new guide arms government and business leaders with cybersecurity tactics

The huge economic risk posed by cybercrime has prompted an industry expert to pen a jargon-free guide to help leaders understand the growing problem.

Titled ‘Surviving the Rise of Cybercrime‘, the book explains the complex threat in straight-forward terms. It is to be launched by the Hon Dan Tehan MP, Australia’s Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Cyber Security, in the presence of Australian cybersecurity experts from industry and government. Craig Davies, CEO of the Australian Cyber Security Growth Network, will also to address the crowd.

Author Craig McDonald, CEO and founder of Australian cybersecurity pioneer MailGuard, wrote the guide with the aim of empowering time-poor, non-tech executives in under an hour.

Cybercrime is a rapidly-growing industry. Last year, 594 million people were victims of online crime.

It is now the number one economic crime in Australia, according to PwC, having been deemed “statistically insignificant” just six years ago.

It’s alarmingly easy for cybercriminals to get a foot in the door, with 91% of cyber attacks arriving via email, usually via phishing. Every day, 205 billion emails are sent around the world – and everyone with an email address is a potential target.

It means sorting the legitimate senders from criminal impersonators is growing increasingly difficult.

McDonald says he wrote Surviving the Rise of Cybercrime to help executives navigate an ever-changing threat landscape.

“Every day I talk to successful business leaders who are charged with the responsibility of steering their organisations to success. To many, cybersecurity is new and unfamiliar territory,” McDonald said.

“In cybersecurity, the human factor is the greatest vulnerability for any organisation, and a large part of the challenge is generating awareness and educating those who are in harm’s way. This is particularly the case with executives who are time-poor and often feel that there’s too much to consider.

“Some executives take the view that it’s somebody else’s problem – most commonly a member of their IT team. In today’s climate such attitudes are outdated and plain dangerous.”

The cost of cybercrime to business and government

Cybercrime costs the Australian economy between $1 billion and $17 billion annually, or roughly 1 per cent of GDP. The average attack costs SMBs $276,000.

Australian Government departments and agencies are not immune, with international cyber attacks reportedly targeting Austrade, the Defence Science Technology Group and the Bureau of Meteorology.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre says between January 2015 and June 2016 the Australian Signals Directorate responded to 1,095 cybersecurity incidents against government systems. The Prime Minister’s cyber security adviser, Alastair MacGibbon, who will attend the book launch, has stated that the Australian Government is “attacked on a daily basis”.

Surviving the Rise of Cybercrime covers:

  •        Identifying threats to a business
  •        Why cybercriminals target particular businesses and staff
  •         Why IT teams struggle to prevent these rising threats
  •        The role leaders and executives need to play in cybersecurity
  •        How to educate managers and teams as the frontline of your company’s cyber defence.

What executives say about the book

“Outstanding. This book is a must-read for every executive. Cybercrime poses a serious threat to every business, large and small. No longer just an IT problem; all executives must comprehend the risks. Cyber attacks lead to serious business disruption, reputational damage and financial loss. It’s the responsibility of every executive, and this book provides a thorough foundation for understanding the cybersecurity landscape.” – Pip Marlow, former managing director, Microsoft Australia and newly-appointed CEO of strategic innovation, Suncorp.

“Knowledge of cybersecurity issues is essential for all executives irrespective of the business they are in. This guide puts the current state of cybersecurity into perspective with deep insights from visionaries in government and commerce, and offers practical advice on defining and protecting critical assets.” – Bradley Bastow Chief Technology Officer, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

“Gone are the days when cybercrime was simply a matter for IT professionals. In today’s world, cybersecurity is an important issue for all leaders and managers at all levels of all organisations. If you value business continuity and strategic growth for your organisation, then Surviving the Rise of Cybercrime is a must-read for all executives.” – Professor Gary Martin FAIM FACE Chief Executive Officer, Australian Institute of Management, Western Australia.

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