Monday, November 30, 2009

Goodbye, Baby Joshua!

Today was Baby Joshua's last visit!  And guess what?  He can walk!  He can take 12 steps!

We presented Melanie with a beautiful scrapbook that we made.  Tanya also presented them with a stylish framed certificate from Roots of Empathy.  After that we all shared a delicious banana cake with lemon icing.

Joshua has gone from being a tiny little baby, who couldn't even lift his head, to an energetic little boy who screams with delight when he plays with his favourite toy.

We love you, Baby Joshua!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Monkey Business

This morning we read a lovely newspaper article about Minty the monkey, who escaped from a reserve in Christchurch.

Using classtools, we created an interactive game to support our comprehension of the text.

Have a go! Just click on 'play'.

Click here for full screen version

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Joshua has grown so much!

For various reasons, we haven't had a visit from Joshua for ages! Joshua is our Roots of Empathy baby, and yesterday he paid us a long awaited visit. We are always surprized at how much he has changed since his previous visit!

Baby Joshua

Joshua now is 7 months old. He is cute and always is happy when he sees us.
Joshua can now sit and roll over when you hold him he bounces in your hands. Joshua has two teeth down bottom but one is still growing. Joshua can hold his bottle with one hand and two hands. When we started to sing the Sausage song he started to laugh. Then we sang another song, but Joshua liked the sausage song better.

Baby Joshua weighs 9 kilos. We also measured him, and it was 70 cm. He wakes once a night and he just needs a bottle. Before Joshua left we sang the Good bye song. We all gathered to say good bye while Melanie took him around the circle. Some of us stayed to talk to Joshua, but then they had to leave because baby Joshua was tired.

By: C.F and S.T

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gumboot Dancing at the Pacific Dance Festival

A large part of our class and some other students took part in the Pacific Dance Festival this week. We did a traditional African Gumboot Dance. This dance was done in the Gold Mines by slaves, originally, as a secret way of communicating. It is made up of a series of claps, stamps and whistles which need very good co-ordination and some fast, energetic moves. We learnt the dance in just one week, and every one said that it was great!

Here is what BT wrote:

As we sit anxiously on the floor waiting to go on stage, Kim and Raylene (some of our Mums) are helping to tie on bandannas for the dancers. Mrs Taljaard has asked me to blog about the dances as we wait. I am sitting on the floor in the chapel, writing this.

Monday, 3 August

We are very nervous, especially as we have only been practicing for one week. Everyone is ready. Then we get called to Room 24. We think that is very funny, as we ARE in Room 24 at school. We have to wait for ages, and they tell us to keep our bells quiet, but it is hard as they are attached to our boots. Soon we have to go on stage. We walk quietly in the dark on to the stage. LB blows the whistle 3 times. We stamp back, and then we're off! 1-2-3-4 5-6-7-8, and clap and stamp and clap and clap. We have to think very hard to remember all the moves, but we do it. It feels great when everyone claps and says Well done!

Tuesday, 4 August

As we sit on the floor waiting, we are not as nervous as last night. But DL is not here yet and she has been away on holiday. But wait, she has arrived this very moment. We are so relieved. Now CF arrives. She is feeling really sick, and has a sore throat. What are we going to do? She is our Caller, and has to shout 'Hamba' in her loudest voice to let us know when to start. She decides she is going to try her best. It's almost time to go on, and now we've just remembered we don't have our bells on our boots yet. Mrs Taljaard rushes to get all six of them fixed. Now LB has lost her whistle. Oh dear - it's time to go... Wish us luck!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Roots of Empathy

Today Joshua visited us for the fourth time. My, how he has grown! Now he can roll, squeal, cry and he loves to bounce.

Joshua eats lots - mixed vegetables, mashed potato, bananas and weetbix. Melanie gives him a late feed at 10 o'clock, and then he sleeps through until 6.30am. He uses 6 to 8 nappies a day now.

Joshua is 5 and a half months old now.

Today we spoke about the emotions Joshua can have. He can be happy and smiles a lot. He gets frustrated when he can't reach a toy. He changes his feelings quickly. When he gets tired he drops his head and rubs his eyes.

When it was time for him to go home, he was very tired, but he still smiled as we sang the Goodbye Song.

Report by CF
Photos by ST